This Is My Normal (Trailer)

"This is My Normal" is a documentary film exploring two primary questions: “What is poverty?” and “What is normal?” These questions are investigated through the stories and imagery of the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. In particular, the film focuses on the people of the Mathare Valley - a section of the Mathare slums, often referred to as the “Forgotten Valley.”

The Mathare Valley is a place where the local water supply (the river) has become the slum’s waste system, trash system, and playground for the young. The Valley is dependent upon the water; however, it is the slum’s most dangerous asset – threatening both children and homes with its ability to rise with an untimely rain. And while the homes, unemployment, and health concerns are an embodiment of the (global) poverty issues, it is the “mindset” that is the gravest of concerns.

Reality is… that unclean water, (incredibly) low wages, and poor health are simply “normal” to the slums. Unfortunately, this way of life has become acceptable. And “acceptable” is the greatest hurdle to overcome.

Although it’s harder work and a longer process, those that have participated in helping Africa rethink their “normal”, have experienced hope midst the despair. It’s an idea. An idea with results. And an idea “worth spreading.”